The Cause is the Cure.

The day after the Kulis Crit my back was still tied up in knots. Maybe it was from when my sleeping wife drove her knee into my spine in the middle of the night causing me to tear up and whimper for a few hours. Maybe it was when the toddler crawled into bed with us and claimed a large majority of the middle, leaving me with a precarious edge somewhat stabilized by a firm grip on the covers. Maybe I'm just getting old.

At any rate, Vitamin M(otrin) wasn't doing it for me, so I had to go for the stronger stuff. I got on my bike.

Two hours of moderate spinning took the edge off sufficiently. I managed to dodge a few showers that would have probably made everything worse, but the Elmendorf-Richardson 360 degree headwind was in full effect. I just didn't have it in me to push, so I just tried to maintain a moderate pace and stay loose.

I still need more miles, especially longer rides that build the diesel. Finding the time for such things is the challenge these days, but I'll try to make it happen before too long. I'd hate to show up in Fairbanks only to blow up 20 miles into a stage.

Somewhere along the line the knot will leave my back and I'll start hitting it again.


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