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A clean slate

After abandoning my cyclocross season, I retreated to the trainer and the occasional longer road ride when I could find the time. A did some long rides in the cold rain that left me questioning my sanity, but when I warmed up and dried off I usually was left with the glow of a good ride. The leaves and rain that fell on the bike trails made for some slick surfaces, but this year I managed to stay upright and enjoy my down season.

When I couldn't get out, the return to the trainer wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I've spent my time getting ready to resume structured training with Janice and all of the pain that implies. I upped my volume a bit, and tried to acclimate myself to working very hard and getting nowhere. After this 'cross season, that was easier than usual.

I have a clean slate for next year, and hours ahead of me to build and dream and scheme. The weight I've gained since Fairbanks needs to come off, plus a few more for good measure. That will come …

I quit.

The ArcticCross season is just 7 races long. 7 races spread out over 6 weeks. I pre-paid for the season.

I got bronchitis, so I skipped the first one.
I lined up for the second one, and only finished 3 laps.
I lined up for the third one, and couldn't even finish a single lap.
I lined up for the fourth one, and made it through 2 before bailing.
I skipped the fifth one, because I started to see a pattern. I'm quick like that.
I skipped the sixth one tonight, and won't be lining up for the series finale tomorrow.

You know what? I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. The entry fees went to support a great organization that has been growing exponentially over the last few years thanks to a dedicated group of individuals. While I miss the competition, my form is not exactly what anyone would consider competitive. For the few laps I did, I was a participant, not a competitor.

So, I've been riding my bike. I do intervals on the trainer some mornings, and rides outside when the r…