Just Get Me There Already.

As you read this, I am actively winging my way across the country to Virginia. By actively, I mean I am sitting on an uncomfortable seat, packed in a flying tube with far too many other people, breathing all sorts of recycled pathogens as we are carted from one end of the continent to another.

I'm in the Air Force, and I hate flying.

It's not the actual flying that bothers me, it's the doing nothing for extended periods. I can rarely get comfortable enough to sleep for any length of time, and any sleep I do get annoys my wife who expects me to stay awake the entire flight to entertain the children, then get behind the wheel and drive for several hours after we've landed until we reach our final destination. I arrive irritable and sore, which is always how you want to start or end a vacation.

So, as you read this, I'm probably wishing it was already over.

After a long day of flying and driving, we'll spend the entire day tomorrow at an amusement park in balmy southeastern Virginia. We're going to sweat like pigs in the heat and humidity, but that's the price you pay for family fun (on top of the admission fees and food costs). Then it's another day of driving across the state before I can finally settle down.

I hope to get some miles in on the Blue Ridge Parkway every day. That will likely mean waking up before dawn to get out there, so I can return just as the rest of the family is sufficiently motivated for the day's activities. I'll likely be motivated to take a nap, but chances are I'll be denied in favor of some random activity.

Don't these people understand I'm here to ride my bike and sleep? Isn't that what training camps are all about?

Oh well, as long as I don't have to fly.



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