The Numbers Game

Ever since I received Wanky's Rules For Wealth Through Blogging, I've been making an effort to post semi-regularly. With this increase in posting frequency came an increase in people actually reading the blog. I have this neat little graph that tells me how many people viewed this page on a given day, and a map to show where they are from. Apparently I'm huge in Turkmenistan.
If you watch the numbers, day after day, you become fixated upon them. It's kinda like being a group ride leader. You wonder why one day was attendance higher than another, and why some days nobody shows up. Was it something you said? Was it something you didn't say? Is your mouthwash still cutting it? Why don't people like you?

Usually bumps boil down to a mention in someone's Facebook timeline. I wrote about Joey Bacala, he said something nice about it on Facebook (I have it framed if you want to see it), and I almost crashed the Google servers with over 5 views. Joey has these things called friends that apparently are vulnerable to suggestion. The next day I was back to flat-line.
Dips in readers could be attributed to anything. Sometimes I'll get a drop of 50% or more and wonder if that guy in the mud hut is sick that day or had to work late with the flock. We're not talking Kardashian-scale numbers here. No matter how many Twinkies I eat, my butt isn't going to break the internet.
At the end of the day, I have to remind myself it really doesn't matter. I do this for me, and if anyone cares, they can read my Crayola scribblings. When I get tired of doing it, I can follow the example set by 99.992% of bloggers out there and stop.
The Turkmenistani people might miss me, though.


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