Missed Another One.

Yesterday there wasn't a post.
It wasn't that I've run out of bad ideas for topics or didn't have a couple new posts lined up waiting for their moment in the sun.
I just can't count. I scheduled all of the posts and didn't notice that I had left December 9th blank. It's the little details that kill you.
This is especially embarrassing after I nearly ruined Joey's life by not publishing one last Friday.
I will say that not having extended rides to come up with topics has hindered my creative side. Trainer sessions just don't have the same impact on me. Mostly what I think about on the trainer is how long it is until I can get off and take a nap.
Ideas these days come from cruising internet forums, online magazines, or whatever odd thing my toddler did that day. Some days I come away with a list of topics, and some days I just sit in front of the screen and drool. However, on average I usually find enough crap to write about that I don't miss a day.
Until I do.


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