No, You're Not.

I don't know if he considers it a positive characteristic.

I indicated to Chris Knott that he was mentioned in Friday's post. His email response?
"Am I a douchebag?"
No, Chris, you're not.
Chris actually has talent. Motivation. Discipline. All of the stuff required to be a good recreational road racing cyclist. He also has the enthusiasm and giving nature that props up road racing in Fairbanks. Without Chris and guys like him, we'd all be reduced to Stravassholes.
Well, not me, because to my very core I am morally opposed to Strava and all it stands for. I may be a douchebag, but even I have my limits. Besides, I'm fat and have no chance on any of the local KOM segments.
But I digress.
Chris has beaten me in sprints on more than one occasion, so he has the potential for douchebaggery. However, he has this annoying tendency of being an all around nice guy. It's this one character flaw that will forever keep him from attaining true douchebag status. He could work on it, maybe take a few night classes at the University of Alaska Fairbanks satellite campus, drive around while texting, spoil all of the plot lines in the new Star Wars movie...
I just don't think he has the right stuff.
Sorry, Chris, you're not.


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