Since the roads aren't completely swept and it's rained a bit here and there, I've been exclusively riding the ti road bike. Every morning I put it up on the car, ride it after work, and then put it back in the garage when I get home. If it got grungy, I give it a quick wash and lube the chain before I rack it. That's about all the maintenance I do to it, and about the extent of the attention it's received since I got back from Mississippi in November.
It's starting to let me know it's feeling a little taken advantage of.
There's this click that comes and goes when the drive-side crank arm is at the three o'clock position. It's a little annoying, but more importantly, it's a little embarrassing. Having the grungy bike in the pack is one thing, but having the noisy bike is just plain unacceptable.
It sounds like it's coming from the bottom bracket, but the way sound travels through a bike's tubes every sound seems to emanate from that matter the actual source. Instead of tearing the bike down like logic would dictate, I've been systematically cleaning and lubing small areas to isolate the problem and avoid any actual effort. So far, it's still clicks. 
I've got to sort this out. Problem is, I don't have a lot of free time to wrench and far too many projects to occupy those brief windows. With the Spring Stage Race and my impending beat-down looming, I have to get the race bikes ready. That's the top of the list. However, this annoyance has kicked the ti bike up a few rungs on the priority ladder . The gravel bike build can wait, as can a few other less-pressing-but-still-important projects that should have been taken care of this winter. Now that riding season is here, I have added actual road time to the pile of time-demanding obligations that compete with wrenching time.
At the end of this month I'm taking the kids to Disneyland for a surprise vacation. Actually, we told them that they're coming with me on a business trip to Omaha, Nebraska. We're mean like that. I'm bringing the ti bike for what will surely be extremely spirited training rides after full days of walking around the amusement park. Fun in the sun. The click needs to be resolved by then.
I really don't want to be that guy.


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