Drive It or Park It, Grandpa.

Ever since the last vestiges of the death plague left my body, I've been taking it easy. Each ride has been an exercise in moderation. When I start to push it a little on a climb, I remind myself to back off and not go too hard. Because I'm generally adverse to work, this doesn't take much in the way of persuasion. Let the body heal, and eventually everything will come around.
The problem is, at a certain point you need to actually throw some intensity in there or you'll end up with a vast capacity for meh. Too many Zone 2 rides and you forget how to make yourself hurt, and the slightest bit of discomfort causes you to recoil in terror.  
The other day this video about the Navy SEAL's "40 Percent Rule". Essentially, the rule states when a person’s mind is telling them they are at the maximum they are only 40 percent done. If that's the case, right now I'm cranking out a solid two percent before I back off.
It's time to start getting back to work and begin rebuilding what the plague destroyed. Little by little, I need to start cranking up the hurt so I can find my way back to 40 percent. I think the physical capacity is more or less still there, but my weak mind has reset the limiters to protect me from myself. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, given what I went through the last few weeks, but if I want to avoid getting dropped at the gun at every race I need to up my game a bit.
This isn't going to be fun.


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