Disneyland is the "Unhappiest Place on Earth".
At least, it is for me. I hate people on principle, so there's that. 50% of the adults around me with "I'm-in-agony-but-I'm-here-for-the-kids" painted across their faces would probably agree with that sentiment. The rest? Well, I guess there are those that enjoy this sort of thing.
It was interesting for a little while people-watching. From my observations, twenty-year-old tramp stamps, one hundred extra pounds, and over-stressed yoga pants are the hot fashion combination this season. As appealing as that all was, eventually being crowded by thousands of people, waiting in line for upwards of an hour for a five-minute ride, and paying through the nose for bad food somehow lost its magic.
You want to know the real kicker? My kids have had more fun in our rented house's pool than at any amusement park. Go figure. We could have had a great vacation if we weren't tied down to Disney. Even for kids who would have sworn before this trip that Disneyland was some sort of Valhalla have been underwhelmed by the reality.
Last year we went to Busch Gardens in Virginia and they had a blast. Short lines, low ticket costs, and room to breathe spoiled them. Now they have a little perspective when it comes to amusement parks, and will probably never ask to return to Disney.
That alone is probably worth the price of admission.


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