Seven Pins.

The Spring Stage Race finished up on Saturday afternoon. It was a mixed bag for me. Like a meal that's good for you but doesn't go down all that easy, it's going to take a while to fully digest into poop I can smear around here. Until then, here's a prologue sort of post.

I'm usually not a superstitious person.
Sure, I have certain habits that border on the obsessive at times, but they're more based on what has worked in the past in terms of function and/or comfort. For instance, my race day socks are usually the same brand, color, and style, not because I think they add to my slim chances of a result, but because they're one less thing to think about. It's not fun to have a sock bunch up in your shoe in the middle of a long race. These don't, so they get the stamp of approval. I have won without them, but I try not to think too much about these sorts of things. Best not change up too many variables.
The other night when I was pinning on my number for my inevitable evisceration at the Spring Stage Race hill climb, I noted I was using seven safety pins. Seven is a lucky number from what I've heard. However, that's just what I usually use on our cloth numbers- three on the top, three on the bottom, and one on the end nearest to my armpit. Any fewer and it flaps, any more and it conforms excessively to my fat rolls, making it unreadable to the officials who are recording my DFL finish. Seven pins works. If it's lucky, so much the better. I need all I can get, as long as it doesn't take any additional effort.
Some guys use four pins. Some guys use 10. Some guys use triathlon belts, which is about the only method of pinning on a bib I find offensive. Some guys use spray adhesive or magnets. Some people rely on their faith in Galactic Overlord Xenu. As long as they pay the entry fee, line up, and ride slower than I do, I guess I really should care how their race number is affixed.
But seriously- triathlon belts? I'll loan you the pins. I should have a few extra kicking around my car. I might even have an old jersey with sleeves.


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