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I bailed on a trainer session the other day.

There were several factors that led to my decision:
  • It was a Recovery Ride, meaning extremely low impact and extreme boredom.
  • It was a Recovery Week, a week of already lower intensity.
  • I was getting over a cold, and my give-a-shit meter wasn't really pegged.
  • We had a large group of people over that night, which meant frantically hiding all the crap that's normally strewn around the house.
  • I had pushed too hard on previous rides that week.
All of those may seem like perfectly valid excuses, and the logical side of my brain tells me it was the right call. Recovery weeks are about resting and rebuilding, and I had done a piss-poor job up to that point. A day off was probably the correct thing to do.

The illogical side of my brain says I'm failing as a cyclist and as a human being by missing that workout. My whole season hinges on that one session on the trainer, and I just blew it.

Both sides have their points. I do need to take it easier when I'm supposed to so I can go harder when I need to. I'm bad at this. One day in the middle of winter isn't going to kill me, and getting over a cold is far more important in the long run.

I also need to watch that I don't make skipping rides a "thing" I do on a regular basis. I'm prone to that behavioral pattern. Objects in motion and all that crap. Plus, whether I ride or not, I eat like I do. That can be a few extra calories getting stored up in the midsection if I'm not careful. I wouldn't have burned much during that particular workout, but it's the principle of the thing.

Making it up doesn't make any sense, so I'll just try to forget that I failed.

That should be easy.


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