In 2015 this blog had 182 posts.

That's 182 random thoughts, and for me that's a whole lot. Hurts my head just thinking about it.

Then there's the actual effort of typing them up so they don't just flutter on by like they obviously should have. So, not only do I have to think the thoughts, now I have tangible proof that I had them in the first place.

I'm not sure this blog is such a good idea after all.

Ever since May, thanks to Wanky's suggestion that I write more than 2.765 posts a year if my intention is for people to read this repository for mental sputum, I've been trying to crank out more or less 5 posts a week. Sometimes I was successful, other times I wasn't. Some times I had some real issues with coming up with topics, because thinking isn't something that comes naturally to me. Thinking is probably like intervals, in that it's not something I particularly like doing, but people keep telling me it's good for me and will make me better in some shape or form.

I have 182 posts that paint a decidedly different picture.


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