The Hardest Workout.

I was on Zwift tonight. I saw a couple local riders were on. I could have easily taken the green jersey and won all of the sprints. The KOM jersey was within the realm of possibility.

Instead, I kept it under 115 watts.

You see, Janice yelled at me.

I always screw up Recovery rides. I go too hard chasing after squirrels, and end up fatigued instead of refreshed. When it comes time to actually do something, I'm completely wasted and the result is predictable.

Today I stuck to the plan. It was the hardest hour on the trainer I can remember.

I didn't grab that wheel. I didn't wind it up for the sprint. I didn't stand on the pedals to attack the hill. I didn't do all of the things that make Zwift so motivating for me.

I turned over an easy gear and watched the clock. I could have completed two laps in the time it took me to finish one. When the hour was up, I didn't go for any bonus time. I got off the bike.

I hope she's happy, because I was miserable.


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