The Race Bike.

I have a designated race bike. 
It's a Trek Madone 6.9 SSL that used to be a Bontrager Livestrong team bike. That frameset had done the U23 Paris Roubaix. It's light, stiff, and more bike than I will ever deserve. I picked it up for peanuts, had a bottle cage insert replaced, and then had it painted black because I just can't stand white bikes. They never look clean up here if you actually ride them. Plus, it was plastered with logos for companies related to Lance Armstrong, and I didn't want to add to his marketing value. When he appeared on Oprah, the logic of my decision was confirmed. Instead, I slapped a couple Fatback stickers on the down tubes, because that is a brand I am willing to prostitute myself for.

I haven't ridden it since the Spring Stage Race last year.
A barrel adjuster for the rear derailleur snapped, and in true Alaskan fashion I temporarily fixed it with some duct tape and a pen top. That got me through the race, and after that stage I started riding my backup race bike. The race bike was hung up in the garage, and the duct tape has glared down at me from that perch ever since.
A magnificent machine like that, left to collect dust because I was too lazy to fix it. Not something I'm particularly proud of. The backup race bike served admirably, and I lacked the time and motivation to bring the primary back on line.
In the spirit of renewal that comes with another year, I'm taking it down and rebuilding it. SRAM Red drivetrain. My latest SRM power meter acquisition. My best wheelset. Maybe a new fork to replace the heavy-but-bulletproof Roubaix fork. Hopefully I'll build it in such a way that it will be both reliable and fast. That would be a nice change.
A rebuild may keep me from buying yet another frame... at least for the short-term.
The race bike will get raced. The backup will return to training duties. The Storck will still be abused. The TT bike will probably only be taken out for time trials once I stop riding it at the Dome this spring.
They'll all get used. Some more than others. That should convince me that I still need all of them.
It might even convince me that I don't have enough...


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