Expert Bike Mechanic.

On Sunday, July 2nd, I rebuilt my crit bike. I installed bling-tastic aero carbon handlebars, a carbon stem, new brakes calipers, and all sorts of odds and ends. The frame once belonged to Nate Brown when he rode for the Bontrager-Trek development team. 
On Monday, July 3rd, Nate, now riding for Cannondale-Drapac on the UCI ProTour, pulled on the polka dot jersey at the Tour de France.
Man, I'm a great bike wrench. You're welcome, Nate.
Actually, I just got tired of looking at the once proud bike sitting in a heap, cannibalized for parts during moments of bike-wrenching-procrastination-induced panic. I hope this will recharge the amount of Winpresent in the bike. I'm sure Nate used up a large amount of the available Winbefore it was passed over to me, but with the handlebars and stem I have made a substantial addition to the amount of carbon fiber present in the bike. Carbon fiber=Win, or so every major bike manufacturer tells us.
At any rate, I am indirectly responsible for Nate's accomplishment, and will be waiting by my mailbox for a very large check.


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