Not Good Enough.

Every time I do any kind of intervals these days, I'm reminded that I don't do nearly enough of them. Long ones, short ones... doesn't matter, I'm just not doing as many as I should be doing to gain my desired fitness. Then again, I have pretty unrealistic goals (e.g. not sucking so much), so it's going to take a whole lot of focused interval training to make any real progress towards them.
Today was 30 second VO2max intervals with two minute of recovery in between. My legs failed on the last one, which shows I was doing them right. With more recovery, I would have likely pushed more power across all of the intervals, but the goal was to train recovery from intensity rather than bump up peak power.
Hammering, resting for a brief period, and then hammering again is something the young take for granted. Their bodies can take a lot of abuse, because they don't have decades of accumulated wear and tear built up. They have vast quantities of substances naturally coursing through their bodies that some of us old folks pay big bucks to unscrupulous doctors for. While the old and infirmed will crawl off to the bushes to die after a punishing race, the young will head to the all-night kegger, then get up and hammer some more. Envy them? Fuck yeah I envy them.
Instead of doing keg stands, I'm doing intervals. Actually, I don't have the discipline to do regular intervals, so mostly what I do is avoid intervals. I need to make a concerted effort to start doing them again, because my training plan of extensive "just riding around" has stopped resulting in improvement. It was what I needed after the plague to rebuild some base fitness, but it's time to start adding on top of that. "Just riding around", but more just isn't going to cut it. It's time to buckle down and get serious. Lose the weight. Push the FTP. Train.
That requires mental focus, and it's in short supply these days. But, if I ever want to ride with the big kids, I have to make the concerted effort.
I'm already tired.


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