Indications All Point To...

The other day I had a blinding moment of clarity.
I realized I had enough bikes.
You want to know how I know? Like with all things of any importance in cycling, my Garmins told me so.
I have three Garmins. Two are Edge 500s and one is an Edge 800. With the Edge 500s I'm limited to three bike profiles. The Edge 800 allows five.
I have seven bikes. The race bike, the crit bike, and the TT bike all are on an Edge 500, because it's always been my race computer (doesn't everyone have a dedicated bike computer just for racing?). The other Edge 500 takes care of trainer duties, mainly because the USB port cover popped off somewhere and they're near impossible to find these days. I think right now it has a couple profiles in there, but the only one I use is the Storck. The Edge 800 has my ti road bike, ti gravel bike, and Madone 5.2 Pro, as well as my TT bike and road race bike for warmup tracking.
Sometimes I have to think about which bike is on which computer, and more than once I've brought the wrong one and had to do some last-minute pairing before a ride. Don't get me started on heart rate monitors...
None of this worked particularly well, but it's what I have. Any more bikes would just compound the problem. My existing Garmins have told me enough is enough.
I agree, I need a new Garmin that can handle more bikes. From what I understand, the ones designed in this century actually can handle a multitude of mix-and-match sensors, which would fix a lot of my problems.
Last winter was the time for upgrading handlebars. So far that has been a resounding success. I think this winter might be dedicated to upgrading my bike computers... I can buy more bikes.


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