The last couple summers I've spent riding the Blue Ridge Parkway I've been limited to an hour or two a day of riding, which never seemed to do the venue justice. Just when you were starting to get into a groove, the ride was over.

This year I decided to shoot for as much volume as I could stand. I'm not shooting for intensity, just volume. Miles and miles of pavement. While none of the climbs have been particularly steep, they do add up. Each ride has been over 4000 ft of rolling hills, done at a moderate pace to ensure I'm not wiped for the next day.

The hope is that I'll burn a few calories and rebuild my diesel, I'll probably lose a bit off the top end, but I'll worry about that later.

Miles and miles.

It may not help with this season, but hopefully I can bank something for next year. Build a solid base to round out my fitness. Kick-start the weight loss.All the stuff I should have done last winter.

Better late than never, I guess.


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