Timing is Everything.

Today was all about timing.

This was the first ride on this trip I experienced nothing but blue skies. The temperature wasn't too brutal (I still melted), and the wind made descents interesting. Kept me awake. The knee was still bitching up a storm, but a couple soakings in cold water kept it in line. I stopped for a couple seconds to help a turtle across the road, barely missed killing Bambi on a twisty descent, and generally rode as well as I could- all things considered. I had fun.

When I got home, I showered and packed the family for a day at the lake. Swimming in lakes without blue lips is still a novelty for my kids, and they were all about it. My crisp arm and sock tan lines impressed everyone present, distracting them from the indistinct thigh tan lines caused by varying bib short lengths. The strong contrast of sickly white and bronze marks me as someone who does the same thing far too much.

Eventually I realized that the kids were starting to slowly cook like the pork BBQ I have been living on for the past two weeks, so I rounded them up and dragged them kicking and screaming to the car. They were simultaneously ready and unready to leave. I made it up by driving to Sonic for lunch, which quieted the whining as they ate.

Just as we were leaving, the sky opened up and dumped buckets of rain on us, to the point where the windshield wipers made valiant but utterly useless arcs across the windshield. The skies were lit by lightning all around us, and I rarely got past one before the thunder came. The roads were intermittently flooded with clay-colored rivers from various dirt intersections and driveways. We had left the lake just in time, but the children seemed unimpressed with their father's superhuman intuitive powers or his ability to drive without being able to see the road.

When I got back to the farm, I passed out from exhaustion.

Seemed about time for it.


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