The New Normal.

The scale indicated I lost five pounds in the last 3 weeks.

I hadn't weighed myself during vacation, so this was validation that my scientific diet of Coke, brownies, and pork BBQ worked as intended. Maybe the increase in riding volume played a role in there too.

Too bad I'm likely going to regain it in the next few weeks as I sit around feeling sorry for myself. Nothing says "pity me" like a big bag o' Doritos.

Today's appointment with the orthopedic surgeon was less gentle than the ER visit. I got my ass kicked as he tried to see just how far he could tweak me until I pooped. When he finished, he gave me the OK to ride a stationary bike, which kinda evened the score. Well, that and the Percocet. Beautiful, beautiful Percocet. Oh, how i love thee.

Why do I suddenly crave heroin?

The little things take some getting used to. Climbing out of bed in the morning is a multi-stage process to designed to minimize family-waking screams of agony. Dressing myself is an exercise in balancing pain with my desire to wear a shirt to work. Reaching for things with my left arm is a habit that I need to break in the short term. Using the turn signal while driving takes advance planning. Which pants pocket each item goes in even takes some thought. Avoiding pain is my new normal.

If I can't... well, there's always the pills.


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