Tha-Th-Th-That's All Folks!

Tuesday I confirmed what I already knew.
My race season is over.
We flew home Monday. Every person who walked by on the aisle jostled me just enough to show how much they care. I could have cried. I probably did. My young son kicked me a couple times to make sure I was still OK, because I obviously didn't look gray enough. Even the pilot joined in, slamming the plane's landing gear into Seattle's tarmac with such force that I almost wet my pants. Truly a wonderful flight.
The doc at the ER didn't cause me excessive pain while confirming my self-diagnosis. A couple of x-rays was pretty much all they needed. I did threaten the x-ray tech with bodily harm if she moved my arm, but even she was gentle. After the outpouring of sympathy I received on the plane, it was a bit of a let-down.

Fractured clavicle. AC joint looks in good shape. No surgery. Six weeks to heal. I considered asking her to surgically narrow my shoulders for better aerodynamics, inserting carbon fiber fairings for torsional rigidity and enhanced airflow. I decided not to push my luck, because she might have considered it.
All things considered, it could have been a lot worse.
Saturday I input all of the dates for races I was wanting to do for the rest of the season in Training Peaks, to include the Tour of Anchorage, and bunch of crits, and a Point MacKenzie TT/road race doubleheader. Tonight I will remove them.
Luckily I hadn't registered for them yet.
Tonight or tomorrow I'll start cleaning up the trainer dungeon. As soon as I feel like it, I'll start riding the trainer to try to maintain some fitness. Nothing intense, but solid, steady state workouts to keep the fat down and the legs moving. I didn't ask the doc about any of this, and she didn't come out and prohibit it either. I prefer it this way.
What kills me is that the weather is perfect right now. Other than a wildfire burning down the hillside, it couldn't be better out there. I'll be in a garage going nowhere, until I feel ambitious and sufficiently healed enough to push that six-week timeline. My current estimate for that to happen is 8 days.
At least now I know, and knowing is half the battle.


  1. Oh no, hope you have a speedy recovery Mike.

  2. Thanks. Could have been worse. My racing season is over, but I'll be riding again before the snow falls.


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