Piling On.

I mentioned to the orthopedic surgeon that my right shoulder close to my neck was aching a bit, although range of motion wasn't limited. He enthusiastically began prodding me to elicit new sounds of pain, then sent me down for more x-rays to further refine his search for all of the places he could make me hurt. I wish he would get it over with and just kick me in the lady parts.
Well, the x-rays indicated I had cracked a rib on my right side, which lies directly under the sling they gave me. While trying to stabilize the left shoulder, I was compressing the cracked rib. I can't win here.
Nothing they can do about it, so there's another bit of my skeletal system that just needs to heal on its own.
This morning I climbed back on the trainer, making sure to tweak my shoulder as I did so. Gotta remind myself that the blame falls solely on me. Once the searing pain stopped, I started pedaling, glancing up occasionally to watch the Zwift-generated scenery. I successfully resisted sprinting for another day, putting down a solid Zone 3 workout that had everything within arms reach soaked in sweat.
In the winter, the trainer dungeon varies from 50F to 60F, mainly depending on the ambient temperature outside and how much it radiates through the garage doors. When it gets colder, I have a small heater I fire up for a few minutes until the warmth of the workout kicks in. I may throw on a long-sleeve jersey, but that never lasts past the first couple minutes. My body is acclimated to those conditions.
Theses last few days have been averaging over 70F in the dungeon at 5:00AM, and I exude moisture like Niagra Falls. My single fan is pointing at my head, and while it does a fine job most of the year, right now it's not cutting it. You'd think that after being in the heat and humidity of Virginia would have conditioned me for this, but the lack of airflow is causing me to melt.
I need bigger fans, and lots of them. Think wind tunnel.
I'm healing. Ever day I feel slightly better. Every day I can go a little longer before I start sweating and counting the minutes until my next pain medication fix. My range of motion is improving. Movements that caused me pain yesterday only trigger a mild warning. It's not just me adapting and ignoring the discomfort, but the body actually fixing itself. I'd like that ugly yellow bruise on my shoulder blade to go away, but eventually it will fade. I just have to try to avoid overdoing it and let the body do its thing. I may heal a little crooked, but I'll heal.
Hopefully the good doctor doesn't find anything else wrong with me. I have quite enough to deal with already.


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