Didn't See That Coming.

After every ride or trainer workout, I download my data into an application. Lots of pretty charts and numbers that I have remained ignorant of by design. I don't want to geek out on the numbers, because I have a tendency to make the numbers the point instead of the riding. I like to know when the numbers are indicating a general direction things are going, but I try not to think about it too much.
To date, my philosophy on training could be best expressed thusly:
Looking at the numbers recently with my uncalibrated eye, I probably shouldn't have neglected base training so much this past winter. I would have caught on sooner if I buried myself a little deeper in the world of Training Stress Balances and Chronic Training Loads, which should be confused with how much of the "chronic" I can smoke and still train. Completely different set of numbers.
The way my body reacts and recovers after a large volume block to increases in intensity tells me that I completely missed the bowl when I was pissing excellence.
Next year the pendulum will like swing the other way as I overreact to this tidbit of information. That's how I roll. With twenty or thirty years of dedicated, focused training, I might figure it out and find a balance.


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