Lucky I Have Such Bad Luck.

So I came across it on Craigslist. The seller, essentially a junk dealer that picks stuff up at estate sales, auctions, and the like, had no idea what it was. I tried to set up several meetings to pick it up, did my research, and was ready to go.
It was a 2007 Giant OCR 1. A decent groupset on an entry-level frame for dirt cheap.
Drop a little money on it and sell it for a profit, or just sell it to a buddy for what I had into it. That was the plan.
Text messages flew back and forth. He still had it. I kept missing him at his shop. Finally, I caught up with him and he showed me a pile of rusty Walmart bikes and a beach cruiser. Nothing remotely resembling a road bike. Sorry about that, dude.
In retrospect, I dodged a bullet.
I have enough projects piled up in the garage waiting for my attention. I haven't finished working on the Storck and its crash-related damage. I only finished tacking together my crit bike yesterday. The new titanium frame should be in this week. The race bike has some new parts ready for installation. The parts pile itself needs attention, as I can't remember what I have on-hand and what I don't. More than once I've ordered a chainring or derailleur, only to find I already had a brand-new one sitting in plain sight.
Besides, I leave for Biloxi next week. Anything I don't take care of before I leave will sit for three months or more while I'm sweating in America's armpit. More stuff cluttering up the floor of the garage. More stuff to get kicked aside, forgotten, and duplicated.
Sometimes I get lucky and don't make things worse. I don't need more stuff. I may want more stuff, but I don't need more stuff.
Chances are, I'm going to get more stuff.


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