Too Much and Too Little.

As much as I hate to admit it out loud, I've made things worse since the Tour of Fairbanks.
Not the clavicle.
The knee.
The nagging, persistent, and slowly increasing pain in my left knee finally got to the point I couldn't shout it down anymore. In the middle of an otherwise unremarkable workout on the trainer, the ache got to the point that I had to sit up and spin for the remainder of the session. I just couldn't ignore the reality of the situation.
I dun gived muhself tendonitis.
Before the wreck on June 9th, I stretched fairly regularly. After June 9th? Not so much. I started cranking out the miles, increasing the volume while I was in Virginia for three weeks. There were too many miles of good pavement to back off for a little pain.
My tendons got tighter.
Yeah, the knee ached here and there. I generally ignored it until something hurt more, at which point it was effectively masked.
Then I wrecked and broke the collarbone.
Stretching was not a priority, because my normal routine put too much stress on the ow-ow-owie bone. Still tighter.
I can't ignore it anymore. I have to do something to fix the issue. Time to loosen up the rubber bands and prevent more damage. My knees are already bad enough. No need to pile on.
I have a month to sort this out before I head to Mississippi, where I will likely want to do a whole lot of very flat miles. I wouldn't be surprised if I nearly doubled my total mileage to date. When you're stuck in a place where there are no appealing distractions competing for your free time and no real variances in elevation to slow you down, you can rack up a lot of miles.
I need to get my heal on.


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