Sometimes I Forget.

This morning I woke up at 4:30AM, stumbled around for a while, popped an excessive amount of Motrin (Vitamin M), put on the cycling kit I had set out the night before, sat down at the computer, browsed a few websites, and waited for the drugs to kick in.
An hour of Zwift went well. I've been slowly adding intensity, although my sprint efforts are seated and light years from my peak. I can't really engage my upper body, but I do get the heart rate up and generate significant pools of sweat on the concrete.
I cooled off while I uploaded my workout file and browsed eBay for things I don't need but really, really want. I may be broken, but I'm still me. Once the sweating stopped (seems to have increased since the injury- drugs?), I jumped in the shower and got ready for work, slapping a big Lidocaine patch over my shoulder. The cool seeped in, and I was feeling relatively fine.
The commute went well, but as I pulled up to the gate I accidentally handed the gate guard my ID card with the wrong hand. Pain. I barely managed to avoid screaming like an ISIS suicide bomber in her face, which could have been construed as a credible threat by the M4 carbine-toting airman. Instead, I emitted a faint C above middle C whimper, which no one would feel threatened by.
Over the day I will inflict multiple small traumas on my injured wing, and despite more abuse of Vitamin M I will barely be able to concentrate by 3:00PM. When my fun-meter is pegged, I'll drive home, crawl out of my uniform, and crawl into bed. An hour or two later, after my shoulder has found some sort of stability again, I'll emerge for dinner and maybe a school supply shopping trip. By the third aisle of Target, I'll be feeling kinda grey again. The wife will drive home, and I'll be back in bed.
Rinse and repeat.
It gets a little better each day. Today commented my left arm actually swings a little when I walk. That's a nice change, because it used to look a bit odd with one arm swinging and the other hanging limply by my side.
Little improvements are always welcome.


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