Less of Me.

My weight has fluctuated significantly every day I've stepped on the scale. Hydration, what I'd eaten the night before, how much I'd ridden... It bounces around for any number of reason. The only constant is that the bounces have been steadily trending downward. My highs are lower than they used to be, my lows... well... lower.
It should, considering how much I'm riding. My diet hasn't been that great, but overall I've been maintaining a caloric deficit. Some day's I'm more disciplined than others, but this part of the year is never about discipline for me. After race season, the miles I put in are more about doing whatever I want to, refreshing my mental state for the long months on the trainer when structure and goals take over in preparation for the next season.
However, if I can lose a decent amount of weight down here, I hope that will give me a head start towards something better. Something smaller. I'll never be a climber because I eat too much f everything bad. I'll always suck at time trialing because I'm mentally weak. I'm a one trick pony, and everyone has seen that trick already. My one chance at making an impact on a race is improving my weak areas enough to put me into position to pull that rabbit out of the hat when it might make a difference.
Power to weight ratio.
My power numbers won't climb much with training. I can move them around a little here and there, but I think my marginal potential has been fully revealed. Age will only cause the numbers to decline. I've accepted it, even if I don't like that particular reality.
I can knock some pounds off. I can shrink my midsection a bit, dropping the spare tire I carry up each and every hill. The less I tote, the more energy I have for when it matters. Those moments when the tempo increases, when a half-rotation of the cranks could mean the difference between hanging in there and flailing in the wind.
Less is more.


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