Obsessive Compulsive.

I've been known to ride around the block a couple times to get a nice, round number of miles. I've been known to stop the Garmin a little early to get a specific time.

Today I might have taken that a bit far.

After riding a good number of miles already today, adding to the miles I had already put in this week, my legs felt a little flat. OK, a lot flat. When I downloaded the ride's file, it came out to 278 miles. Not a huge number by some people's standards, but most people I mention it to look at me like I'm a little strange- and that includes a lot of cyclists.

SInce I've been averaging 260 miles a week since I got down here, 278 miles is not a bad total. However, in the hours after I downloaded the file I had plenty of time to reflect on that number. Four times around the loop of Keesler Air Force Base is 22 miles. That would make 300 miles for the week. I couldn't remember the last time I did 300 miles in a week that included a rest day and a few "spirited" group rides. What could it possibly hurt?

An hour before the sun went down, I got on the bike and started pedaling. My flat legs felt leaden, and it took a while to settle into whatever it was I was trying to do. It wasn't a lot of fun. It was riding for an arbitrary number. It was pointless. I did it anyway. Round and round. 

I got my 300, plus a little extra in case the GPS tried to gyp me. It would have killed me if I would have fallen a little short. I probably would have gone out there and rode around the block to make it up, such is the nature of my affliction.

I probably killed my legs for the upcoming week. Doesn't matter. I'll probably still make my 260 mile average. I have little else to do with my free time.


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