Snow Boogers.

The original plan was to ride a couple hours and then put the feet up. That all changed when I awoke to find cooler temperatures had rolled in. Hurricane Matthew still was pushing in that steady wind from the north, but with it came weather that I find downright pleasant. Not sure how long my good fortune might last, I went long.
Last week's Southern Magnolia century took me by a small gas station and roadside stand that advertised something called "snow boogers". I didn't ask at the time, but the first-grader in me was intrigued. Let's be honest, "snow boogers" were just an excuse to ride, a goal to be reached that could have just as easily been "the Coke machine out in the middle of nowhere". It was a direction, and reaching it wasn't really the point of going. Between me and boogerland were some of the better roads I've found down here- smooth and low traffic. Rolling hills through farmland. Nice people who actually know and care about their neighbors. Just a really cool vibe as compared to what I find right on the coast.
After making a couple intentional wrong turns along the way to explore some promising-looking roads, I reached my destination. The nice people at the store took time to chat with a stranger, even though they were swamped with the post-church breakfast rush. It seemed like everyone for miles around had ridden their truck, tractor, or four wheeler to the store and were either chowing down or sitting around talking. Everyone seemed to know anyone, and nobody gave the fat stranger in spandex more than a passing glance. The enticing smell of bacon enveloped you in the small store, and I had to make my purchases quickly and beat a hasty retreat before I gave in and worked myself into a pork fat coma. While I do love me some bacon (and most of what was on the menu), I had 45 miles left to ride before I got home. Better to play it safe and keep my guts intact.
I did get a snow booger. This one was the most pedestrian on their adventurous menu. Again, I was playing it safe. It wasn't life altering by any stretch, but it really wasn't the true goal for the day. I got out and put in a lot of miles. The kind I never have time for at home. The kind that eat up the free time I am cursed with down here on long weekends. The kind that might just build a base for something next year, if my legs don't fall off first.
I rode some new roads. I talked with some nice folks. I ate a booger. I'd say that qualifies as a good day.


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