Mr. Sulu, All Ahead Meh.

I've been doing a lot of riding lately, and the vast majority has been... shall we say... non-intense. Lots and lots and lots of long, slow distance, designed to built my diesel back up after years of neglect. I just don't have the time and opportunity to ride this much back home, and this environment does not lend itself to intense workouts- unless you're at the casino buffet, elbowing your way past elderly bus tourists to get to the piles of peel and eat shrimp. Since I have yet to hit a buffet on this trip, intensity hasn't been a major part of my day.
Sure, I'll kick it up for short periods of time here and there on group rides, but most of the time I'm not killing myself. Chug chug chug. Racking up the hours and miles while I can.
The theory is that I'll build my diesel up, try to maintain some portion of it this winter, and then add intensity to rebuild the top end I'm not working on currently. If my meh is a little faster than the other guy's meh, I'll have more to throw down at the finish line.
It's science. Or conjecture. I get those two mixed up.
Either way, it kills time and is helping me lose weight, which is also a good thing. I've been averaging over 275 miles a week since I got here. Some weeks it's more, some weeks it's less, but even the lightest weeks are a significant jump from the volume I do at home. Lots and lots of meh.
I just read an article by Chris Carmichael saying this is exactly what I should be doing in October and November. He should know, because he doped juniors without their knowledge.

Chances are, I'll charge into December and burn myself out, getting sick, gaining a lot of weight, and generally ruining whatever it is I'm building here. That's just how I roll.


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