I've been buying a lot of gloves lately. By a lot, I mean just that. A lot.
When I was down in Biloxi doing four or five hour rides, I noticed the padding in my on-clearance Louis Garneau long finger gloves were perfectly positioned to be in completely the wrong place. Nerves got squished after a while, and no manner of hand re-positioning would do the trick after a while. I developed weird callouses.
Before this, my go-to gloves were Bontrager long-finger gloves. Padding in the right spots, good snot wipe, light enough to not be too hot but could also ward off the wind. At one time I had five or six pairs of them, which eventually fell apart or fell victim to crashes. Unfortunatly, Bontrager changed designs on me, and I don't like the new ones as much.
So I went on a glove buying spree. POC, Mavic, Assos, Sugoi... a lot of expensive brands to see if they had a solution for me. I don't mind spending the money, because I was always told to invest first in your contact points- Hands, butt, and feet.
So far, I haven't found my next go-to glove. Some I think will work well in special applications (like time trials), while others might do better on colder rides. Nothing that really works as well as my old Bontragers. Seems like most people don't buy long-finger road gloves much. I kinda like them for those brushes with pavement. More than once a little bit of lycra has saved me some skin.
I'll keep looking.


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