Knew It Was Coming.

I couldn't generate any sustained power. My peak was off. Each ride on the trainer was a flail towards the intended duration. Sometimes I didn't make it. I couldn't do any situps or pushups. Something was very, very off.
Then it hit me with both barrels.
I spent the night before Thanksgiving on the couch in a cold sweat. Ice pick headache and muscles tied in knots. Periodically the monotony would be interrupted by a trip to the bathroom to rid myself of whatever was causing this problem, though any available orifice.
Not one of my better nights.
Thanksgiving I pretty much spent in bed napping, which isn't a bad way to spend a holiday when you think about it. I ate, slept, and didn't even consider getting on the bike. It was a rest day anyway, but even if it wasn't lycra was not going to be part of my wardrobe. Soft and warm were the fashion trends of the day.
The next day wasn't much better, but at least I climbed on the bike. The day after as well. Shopping was done online, so there wasn't much reason to leave the house. Little by little, I climbed out of the hole. Getting better is preferable to getting worse.
I knew it was coming. The military can poke me with all sorts of shots to keep me healthy, but the child-borne germs always find a way through.
On the plus side, it snowed Friday. Even the smallest coating of snow makes the world a bit less dark, and I appreciate it. In a couple weeks, Mighty Mites start. Hopefully I can get a couple days on snow to get my legs under me again and try out my new (old) skis. I never get new skis anymore, because the last few seasons have been pretty bad for coverage and I always have kids carving up the top sheets. I get my skis off of eBay and ski them (literally) into the dirt. Hope there will be a little less of that this year, but I'm prepared for the worst.
I'm getting better and it snowed. Can't complain about that.


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