Traffic II

As I mentioned in a previous post. blog traffic really picked up after the whole "giggly Katrina" post. I found a link to it in an irate entry in the Biloxi Reddit, and braced myself for an onslaught of hate-mail. It never came. 

I'm sure more than a few people tuned in to see what would happen, but as the numbers climber and climbed, I was a little puzzled about who all of these new readers were. No comments on the Reddit post since I offered them the venue to call me an idiot. No new blog or forum entries that Google or other search engines could find.
Finally Blogger's analytic software caught up and identified the mystery readers:

French internet bots that apparently have a porn addiction.
My niche used to be Micronesian hut-dwellers wanting to learn American profanity and sarcasm, filtered through an amateur bike racing lens. A small audience, to be sure, but it's what I had to work with.
Now, thanks to Reddit and the spam-spreading utilities that scan it for active links, I have expanded to the lucrative world of porn bots. It doesn't really affect me, except to increase the numbers of daily hits to previously unheard-of levels. It almost makes this blog seem legitimate. That is, as legitimate as an old guy underwear racing blog can be.
So, the takeaway is if you want to increase traffic to your blog, offend someone enough that they'll post about it on Reddit. Then sit back and watch the world explode.
Worked for me. Boom.


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