Another Down.

I've never met John Walsh.
I've never raced with him. I don't think I've even met anyone who knew or raced with him. I don't know if he was a fast racer or a slow racer.
Doesn't matter- he didn't deserve to go out like this (video). Watch the footage, especially the front/rear views and the slow motion replay at the end. As someone who has raced, it's not something that is especially pleasant to watch.
After watching it, ask yourself, "did the rider who took him down have another option?"
My opinion (and granted I wasn't there) is that from the video he had the whole right side to pass on, but he tried to squeeze into the narrow gutter. It was already tight when he started, so he wasn't run off the road. He forced his way through in the most physical of manners. Apparently this wasn't the first time the rider in question asserted himself like this in a group situation. I'll be the first to admit I don't ride with the finesse of Peter Sagan when I'm gassed and/or hopped up on adrenaline, but this was some next-level stuff. Physical contact happens from time to time in racing. Chris Knott and I brushed in the Spring Stage Race crit (my fault). This? Next-level stuff. I was on course with the aggressive rider in question at the El Dorado crit, but in different fields, so our wheels never crossed. I count myself as lucky I suck so bad.
Now there's a rider in the hospital with significant injuries. All because somebody wanted to move up in an old man underwear race.
I donated to the gofundme site set up in John Walsh's wife's name. I hope John makes a full recovery and returns to his family and his bike quickly. It's what I would hope for if it was me.
Our tribe of lycra and carbon fetishists is too small already. I hope the number is not one fewer now.
Heal fast, John.


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