Stairs are my nemesis.
Lately I've been tryin to get in some more volume, some more hours to rebuild what the plague took away. Peak seems to be in the ballpark, but I just don't have any staying power. When I was down in Mississippi, I didn't do a whole lot of peak power stuff, but I did do a whole lot of base hours. A crap-ton of base hours. It seemed to work well enough, giving me a steady level I could maintain and launch from when it was required. 
Right now I'm launching from 'meh'.
So, even though I don't have "Mississippi free time" to ride, I'm making an extra effort to get out for some longer rides.
The problem with long rides is that they cause my legs to forget how to do something as simple as climb up and down stairs. I do this old man, sideways shuffle from step to step instead of taking them two or three at a time. Usually grunting and wheezing is involved. If I do more than three trips up and down the stairs, a handful of Ibuprofen and a nap are called for (not that I'm complaining).
I don't remember stairs being this hard in Mississippi, so hopefully this will pass eventually. With enough miles in my legs, maybe the persistent ache will fade and be replaced by a feeling of power.
Maybe by November.


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