Getting In Touch With the Feels.

Last week we had a full day of touchy-feely sessions with various facilitators where I work. The intention (I'm guessing) was to mold us old, crusty miscreants into fully evolved human beings that treat each other with dignity and respect. Screw that crap. Our interactions are mostly about discovering each other's weaknesses and exploiting them for everyone's amusement, and we like it that way. Progressive social interactions are not our forte.
In one of the sessions, the facilitator passed out construction paper, markers, and various office supplies and told us to make thank-you cards. I guess this was supposed to teach us gratitude or something, which is something I think was in my syllabus about 45 years ago. As I recall, I failed that class, so I didn't have much hope for success in this one.
I decided to make my three-year-old son a thank you card, which was based on my deep understanding of our respective emotional wants and needs.
I hope he feels empowered by it to achieve his true potential as a Post-It-Note collecting T-Rex.
I'm all about nurturing.


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