Falling in Love Again.

I'm a faithless bike whole.
I flit from one pretty frame to the next, casting aside the tried and true for another shapely bit of carbon, rarely finding the lasting connection that will keep me from wandering.
The exception to this has been my Madone 5.2 Pro. I bought it on a whim, a used frame off of Craigslist. The price was reasonable, and although I already had more than enough completely serviceable bikes, I really liked the way it looked. I built it up, and from the first ride I was hooked. It responded how I thought a bike should, but didn't beat me up on longer rides. I'd long shied from Treks and Madones in particular because, Lance. However, this particular bike spoke to me in a way that even today sets the standard all other bikes I ride are measured against.
I finally got to ride the bike after a a long and frustrating day at work. Events conspired to keep me longer than planned, killing my intended after-work stress relief ride. I walked outside into a beautiful day, and the only cloud was the very dark one over my head. I drove home and my mood sank even deeper. I unloaded the unused ti bike from the car and went inside. A nap didn't help. and I snapped at the family over minor things. I desperately needed to ride, if only to blow off the steam that was threatening to blow my top off.
SInce it was a beautiful day, I grabbed the Madone. Three pedal strokes down the road and the stress started melting away. The tension in my shoulders faded. I sank comfortably in the drops, pouring as much energy I could into the pedals. I chugged up Rabbit Creek, letting the burn in my legs take my mind off the day's events. I swooped down DeArmoun, relishing the speed. I felt connected to the bike in a way that I hadn't for a long time, and I was reminded just why I liked this bike so much. The latest improvements just made it... more gooder.
The titanium bike does certain tasks better. It travels better. It cleans up after a rainy ride better. It's easier to work on. But, when it comes to the pure joy of riding, the ti bike doesn't hold a candle to the Madone.
And joy is why I'm here.


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