Burning It All to the Ground

As my trip to Virginia winds down, I've been trying to use up whatever energy I have left. There isn't much in the tank. Even though my riding has been limited to 2 or 3 hours a day, the rolling hills of the Blue Ridge have taken their toll. The numbers in my gee-whiz training programs mirror how I feel- beat down. This was exactly what I was looking for.

A couple days ago I tried to meet up with a local group of riders so they could kick me in the lady parts on their home roads. Despite assurances that the ride was going to happen, for the second week straight nobody showed. Waking up that early and driving all that way for nothing sure cut into the riding time, but I managed to get in a solid ride anyway.

I am a little worried I'll be too accustomed to warm weather when I get back. I might not know what to do when my face doesn't melt and drip down onto my top tube. There may be some adjusting to do.

The Anchorage racing season has rolled along without me, although most of the races I missed were no great loss for me. We're less than a month from the apex of the season, the Tour of Anchorage. I have no great aspirations there. Hanging with the pack would be enough for me at this point. Maybe a decent placing in a sprint. I'm just carrying too much weight and the competition is too strong for me to get my hopes up. 

We'll see, though...


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