Watching the Leaves

I'm not one for being in touch with nature. Basically I try to stay out of its way, and hopefully it will return the favor. I appreciate the beauty and all that, but essentially I see it as a venue for whatever pastime I am currently interested in. It's all about me.
Today I should have paid attention.
After a post-travel illness, I got on the bike and decided to go down to Girdwood. Usually that ends up being a headwind both directions kind of day for me, because I rarely pay attention to when the wind is supposed to shift. I always get it wrong.
Today it was calm when I started. The inlet was actually flat and placid. On that road, averaging 20+ MPH isn't all that hard, and I was ticking off the miles and actually felt good. Despite a bit of rain when I left, the sun came out and everything was going just great.
About halfway through my 80 mile ride, I noticed I was seeing the back of the leaves on all of the trees as I passed. I should have put two and two together, because when I turned around the wind was in my face. The previous two days of illness came back to bite me, as the strength drained out of my legs.
I had no choice. I kept pedaling. It took a very, very long time. I made it home.
My bones ache.


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