LSD Thoughts

Today I was supposed to do some intensity, but the weather tended to disagree with my training plan. Silly weather.

Dawn broke with a flash and a boom again, followed by a steady patter of rain. Once again, I dragged myself out of bed, got ready, and drove out to the Parkway to see if I could sneak in between the lightning strikes. As it turned out, the storm was moving away, leaving a moderate rain behind- which was fine by me.

However, doing intervals in the rain isn't always a lot of fun or a particularly good idea. Instead, I decided to knock out some long, slow distance and build up the diesel. It gave me ample time to ponder whatever floated through my mind. While some of those thoughts I choose to keep out of the Blogosphere, one of these thoughts was how much I hate technology sometimes.

I'm a mechanic by inclination, even though I work in the IT world. I like fixing things. I like soldering and troubleshooting with schematics, which are arcane skills these days. I don't enjoy programming or the plug-and-play that passes for repair these days. The world has passed me by. I'm proudly obsolete.

What brought this semi-random pondering on was that I misplaced my smart phone the night before. Since the battery was near dead, I had shut it off. This and the fact that I was in a cellular dead zone meant I couldn't use a fancy "find my phone" app. I had no idea where I last had it, and thanks to my wife's shopping habits, I had covered a lot of retail ground. It could have been anywhere.

Thoughts of identity theft and automated "cash-4-phonz" kiosks like I saw in the mall made my sleep a bit restless. While I generally hate the stupid phone and use it only because I can't find pay phones anymore, my wife insists that I take it with me so she can call me at the worst possible moments during a ride. To be honest, I have no idea what personal data can or can't be accessed with the phone, but the idea gave me pause.

I finally found the phone in the car just before the ride, so my fears were unfounded. I still don't like the things. I don't like the liability. I don't like the way people are tied to them. I don't like the colossal time suck they represent.

I'm an IT Luddite.

I want a cell phone that doesn't text or have internet access. No apps. Maybe a rotary dial and a long cord that reaches from the handset to the kitchen wall. In a nice avocado or mustard color.

I want my payphones back.

Interesting how my mind works on a long ride in the rain while dodging lightning.


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