Knowing Where the Bottom Is.

Despite what my wife says, I haven't raced very much this year. In fact, I'd be willing to bet I haven't raced this little since about 2008. Business trips, family vacations, other obligations, cancelled races... one thing after another seemed to get in the way.
That's sad, because I really like to race. That's how I define myself as a cyclist. I really like the interaction with other racers, especially in mass-start events, and how it can affect your performance. While I generally don't like hill climbs because I'm a fatty, and my love of time trials has cooled over time, I'll generally enter those too because they're "good for me" or some such nonsense.
My "training" is targeted to performing well in races, and if I don't race it makes it very hard to maintain focus. Racing gives me a subjective and objective reference for how my fitness is progressing. Right now I don't have a very good idea of where I stand.
At the last minute, my wife gave me permission to race this past weekend. This, after weeks of wearing myself down. I can barely walk, much less ride. Of course I signed up. Two races in one day. It wasn't pretty. Two "well, at least he showed up" results.
I may not know where the upper level of my current fitness lies, but I have a pretty decent idea of where the bottom is. I can hang in there. Sometimes that's enough.
Now I need a nap.


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