Drip, Drip, Drip

The rain didn't let up. In fact, it intensified.

Thus motivated, I put on my offensively bright rain jacket and started pedaling. Unless it's cold (it wasn't), rain doesn't usually deter me from riding. In fact, some of my best rides are in the rain. If I hit the clothing right and find a happy medium in all of the sogginess, I actually enjoy myself.

My sunglasses were fogged up and useless, but the narrow brim of my cycling cap provided enough protection from the rain on the descents. On especially fast descents, I would squint and try to draw my cheeks up higher, in a semi-effective attempt to protect them from the stinging drops.

The rooster tail that my rear wheel created behind me was quite impressive, and I debated the merits of fenders on a day like this. I decided when you're wet, you're wet, and 64F and raining isn't exactly brutal conditions. The shoe covers I had on didn't keep my feet dry for long, but they moderated the temperature to the point of comfortable sogginess. I was pretty much soaked from head to toe, and perfectly content.

People who don't ride in the rain because of the dangers of melting, exploding their carbon bike frames, or some other nonsense never get to experience it. They sit and home and fume about the weather, but miss out on one of the great riding experiences. I don't understand.

Rain is better than heat and humidity in my world. Hands down. Any day.


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