Today I hate myself.
Occasionally I'll give myself permission to ingest whatever highly-processed, chemical-laden, nutritionally-questionable, and calorically-dense substance is within 100 yards of my mouth.
Today is that day, and I'm trying to kill myself in the most efficient manner possible with my undeniably bad choices.
This afternoon when I get on the bike, my hate for every last ounce of my being will reach its apex, because I won't have the energy to turn over the pedals. Other people might get extreme intestinal distress from trying to exercise on such a poor diet, but years of conditioning have sculpted me into an efficient garbage disposal. I'll burn anything. It might not be the most effective fuel, but it will burn. It will probably leave a foul odor and my sweat will be tinged with the essence of processed meat-esque substances, but it will burn.
Tomorrow I'll try not to hate myself so much. I'll remember today's transgressions and make better choices. I might even have a salad or three. But that's tomorrow.
Today, I hate.


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