Blogus Interruptus

Yesterday didn't have a post. I feel just horrible about that. I feel like I let nearly 4 people down, and potentially impacted the rest of their day. Nothing I can do or say will ever be able to make up for my shortcoming. All I can do is try to make sure it never happens again.
It will happen again.
A lot.
Yesterday was one of those days. A day where the administrivia came to crescendo just as everyone was running around as if the world was coming to an end. It was raining steadily, so I didn't get on the bike after work and instead planned on a trainer session. Only I forgot about that Arctic Bicycle Club Road Division Committee meeting, where I had envisioned unveiling my master plan for revolutionizing the backwater bike racing, so that we could ultimately overtake curling on the list of sports that nobody cares about.
Alas, the Master Plan had to wait, as there were more pressing matters than subjugating people who slide rocks on ice. And there was beer, which cooled my revolutionary fervor for the moment. Curses, they found my Achilles heel.
After the meeting, I didn't feel like getting on the trainer or writing blog posts. I felt like sleeping.
So I did.
...and the internet was poorer for it.


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