Well, That Went to Shit Quickly

I sharp kick to the ribs woke me this morning. My toddler son was claiming his territory in the bed, and I was left with a small strand at the edge. Balancing precariously, cheeks hanging out in space, I noticed I had 15 minutes before the alarm would go off. I would be forced to hit the snooze button before it woke the little terror. I listened to the sound of the rain falling on the roof with a sense of resignation. I knew there would be no road riding today.

I left the bag of cycling kit next to the computer desk. The Storck remained in the garage, where there was less chance of it growing rust. The newly-trued front wheel stayed in the back of the car. The bits and pieces that supported my routine of after-work rides remained untouched.

On my drive in, the rain chained to snow. It wasn't sticking, but it was snow. I couldn't see the mountains, but I know they got hammered with heavy, wet snow.

It's a little early for this. I still want to ride on the road. I'm not likely going to be skiing any earlier this year, so this is wasted white stuff. Save it for when it will hang around for a while.

After work, I got on the trainer for another round of Zwift. I explored some functions, and got in some decent intensity- certainly more than I would have gotten on the road.

Still, not the same. Not even close.

I'm already regretting the nice days I didn't ride.

Maybe, just maybe, there's a handful of rides on the other side of this crappy weather before winter finally closes in.

I sure hope so.


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