Glad I Did

As the work day wound down, I glanced at the bag of cycling kit next to my desk. The bike was out in the parking lot on my car's bike rack. Pull it off, slap on the front wheel, and go. The sun was shining and the temperature was moderate for this time of year. The wind wasn't blowing for a change.
I didn't want to ride.
I had to pick up the kids from school, so I used that excuse to keep me off the bike. I figured I'd do an easy hour on the trainer and call it quits. When we got home, I climbed into bed and closed my eyes. Fifteen minutes later I got up and started changing. I still wasn't motivated, but I knew I would regret not riding on a day like this. When you spend is much time on a trainer as I do, you have ample time for regret.
I rode the 10 miles out to Potter Valley, then wound my way up each evil switchback, past the traditional finish, up the new pavement, and finally reached the top. I was threatening to set a new record for the slowest time up the climb, even though at points I was pushing decent wattage. I just wasn't interested in hurting.
However, I was out there, riding. I was enjoying myself.
Bikes are fun.


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