Writer's Block

After a long stretch when I had posts lined up for days in advance, today I had nothing.

I got on the bike after work to recover from a long day of debugging databases corrupted by an enterprise software migration planned by morons (you feel me, right?), and was pleasantly surprised that the rain had stopped and the roads were dry. After the previous night's crit-trial in the rain, the last thing I wanted to do was push it, but I found myself fighting the wind and slowly ramping up the wattage...

Then I stopped.

What exactly was I training for at this point? Race season is over. I'm not doing 'cross this year. This is the time of year for long, slow distance and reconnecting with what I enjoy about riding- other than the beating up on your fellow riders while bleeding out of your eyes.

I kicked it down a few notches. I noticed things. I ignored things. I had the choice. It's fall, and fall means winter is just around the corner.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood...
...and I took the easier one, because fuck that shit. I'm on holiday. I'm done for a while. Before I know it I'll be sweating on a trainer in a dark garage, wishing I was exploring new roads and racking up the fun miles. I'm riding for me.
And that has made all the difference.


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