Not According to Plan

I was riding a large training volume level towards the end of the summer, and the plan was to slowly wean myself off of that as I rolled into the trainer season. Everything was going great, until it rained. Then it rained again. Then it rained some more. Usually rain doesn't stop me from riding, but when the temperatures get to the low 40s and high 30s, I realize it's not sustainable for me. I'll get in one good, if low-intensity ride, and then I'll spend the next couple days with a back in knots and a hesitance to ride again. String a couple of those rides together, and I usually end up sick for a week. I'm a weakling in that way.
Friday it was pouring and I had a sick child to deal with, so I didn't ride. Saturday I managed a good workout on the trainer, and somewhere during that time I waived at Noah as he floated by with all of his animal friends. Sunday was more of the same, so I procrastinated until the exact moment where it was too late to start anything. That took precise planning and a decisive lack of action to pull off, but I've shown a certain abundance of aptitude at it recently.
Usually our wet season is mid July to late August. September is usually pretty dry and progressively colder. This year we had a fairly dry July and August, and a very wet September. The getting colder thing is still in effect, and the combination has driven all motivation from my body.
I'm still eating like I'm riding an average of two hours a day, but I'm turning the pedals for maybe a quarter of that. I have to get this under control, or I'll start packing on some serious weight. Since I can't do much about the riding volume, I guess I'm going to be hungry for the foreseeable future. I'll probably be walking down the diet aids aisle at Walmart, wondering if their claims of "eat all you want and still lose weight" are valid. In my depleted state, I'll probably start to believe them. It's not going to be pretty.
That is, if I stick to any sort of plan that results in actual weight loss. I could always just give up and wait for the New Year to try to diet. Didn't work last year or the year before, but that doesn't mean it's not a valid strategy. With my advanced procrastination talents, I'm sure I could put off starting a diet for a few months. Perhaps, with a little more effort on my part, I could delay not eating so much until next season, when those extra calories will be needed. I'm just carbo-loading for next season, so I can unleash all of that stored energy in one powerful burst. It will be spectacular.
At least, that's what I tell myself as I shovel down handfuls of Goldfish crackers while sitting on the sofa and watching Yo Gabba Gabba with my son. This will all pay off in the future. How, I'm not exactly sure, but it will pay off. If it's not in the plan, then the plan is wrong, because Goldfish are awesome. Sitting on the couch is awesome. DJ Lance and the rest of the Yo Gabba Gabba crew are awesome.
...or am I missing something here?


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