Wind Changes

The wind that cooled me yesterday has a bit of a bite today.
Soon I'll start wearing a base layer every ride. Then it will be arm warmers. The arm warmers will be replaced by a long-sleeve jersey, then it will be a softshell jacket.
Knee warmers will give way to leg warmers. Leg warmers to tights.
Wool socks. Shoe covers...
Eventually I will be wrapped in merino wool and Roubaix fleece from head to toe.
The road season ends when ice makes my tire's 1cm square contact patch feel somewhat inadequate for directional control. Then I retreat to the trainer dungeon.
It's a progression that happens every year, although this year it's maybe a little later than normal. Not that I'm complaining about the delay.
Snow is already falling up north. Frost on the cars in the Valley. I get new emails from Alyeska, the ski club, or some other snow sports entity every day. Everyone understands things are about to swing, and are shifting gears accordingly. If you try to fight the weather, you will lose. You go with the flow and grab your fun where you can. 
I like this time of year. I don't have to "train". I get to ride. I do long rides. I do short rides. I do flat rides. I do climbing rides. I don't ride. I sweat a lot less. I get to take advantage of whatever form I have left, squandering it as I see fit instead of responding to the whims of the peloton. It's nice... until the cold wind gives me an ice cream headache.
I'm a fall person.


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