Because I'm such a nice guy, here's a bonus entry:

Tonight I found a little slice of heaven. In San Antonio. Weird.

Let me lay it out for you as plainly as possible-
  • A comprehensive list of German beers on tap, served in half-liter and liter mugs. For a lightweight like me, that's a considerable amount of beer, and because it was good beer I felt obligated to drink the full liter faster than I likely should have.
  • Giant pretzel. Nuff said.
  • Two bratwurst, split down the middle and grilled, smothered in sauteed onions and cheese sauce, served on a pretzel bun. Like my culinary idol, Anthony Bourdain, I consider meat in tube form to be the ultimate expression of man's purpose on Earth. To have it laid out for me in such a awesome way that will ultimately lead to an aftermath of regret is beyond perfection.
Unlike the Freds that write into Road Bike Action magazine's pointless, page-filling "why we ride" section, I don't ride for anyone else. I don't ride because my second cousin's wife had a really bad ingrown toenail. I don't ride in memory of a departed loved one who used to ride. I don't ride because I used to be really sick but I'm not anymore.


I ride so I can burn off all of the calories ingested during moments of transcendental beauty like I just experienced. Well, some of them at least.

...and that's not the liter of cold, quality beer talking either. 


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